Xarina™ "CXD4135GG and CXD4235" are the powerful IP camera platform evolving by software update. The customer can make up the wide variety line-up with single-platform. "CXD4135GG and CXD4235" integrate image signal processing (ISP) and video encoding for the next generation of IP surveillance cameras.


Supporting a wide range of CCD and CMOS image sensors in industrial applications, the CXD4135GG and CXD4235 come with wide dynamic range (WDR), motion detection, face detection and other intelligent functions to enable high picture quality and high value adding in camera signal processing.
To build H.264 encoder, Ether MAC, SD Card interface and other peripheral functions in the ICs reduce system costs, minimize the need for external components and make possible IP cameras for a wide range of functions.

Xarina™ Concept

- Visibility: High Picture Quality such as high sensitivity, WDR functions, noise reduction (DNR), high Frame Rate and other functions
- Scalability: Supports a Wide Variety of Image Sensors
- Intelligence: Various Intelligent Functions such as Motion detection, Face detection, Tampering alarm, Digital image stabilizer (DIS) and many more image analysis functions
- Usability: User-Friendly Development Environment such as SDK, Reference design and so on
*"Xarina" and effio are trademarks of Sony Corporation. *"ARM" is a trademark of ARM Limited.
Note: "Xarina" is the customer limited products for security camera manufacturers.

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