Cửa phân làn Turnstiles DAHUA ASGY1XXA-X #000528

Dahua Flap Barrier

> 304 stainless steel cabinet with a thickness of 0.8 mm.

> Includes 4 pairs of IR detectors for the anti-squeeze and anti-tailing functions.

> Comes with an energy storage capacitor. When the device is turned off, the arm automatically opens.

> Brushless DC motor.

> Automatically locks when the unlock time expires.

> Sound and light alarm with adjustable volume.

> The passage width is 600 mm with Acrylic arms.

> MCBF (Mean Cycles between Failures) is higher than 3 million times.

> Supports normally opening the fire passage for quick evacuation in emergency.

> Offers 3 security level modes that are suitable for different scenes.

> Features 9 combinations of passage modes. You can build the combinations using authorized, prohibited and free for entry and exit.

> Supports configuring the speed it opens and closes, passing time for people, and delaying the closing time.

> Supports second authentication, and memorizing passing data for entry and exit.

> Supports people counting and reports the data to the platform.

> Alarms are triggered when the system detects events such as intrusion, tailing, reverse intrusion, staying in area, abnormal unlock and jumping the barrier.