Cửa phân làn Turnstiles DAHUA ASGG1XXT #000530

Dahua Tripod Turnstile

> 304 stainless steel cabinet with a thickness of 0.8 mm.

> Automatically opens the barrier when the device is powered off.

> MCBF (Mean Cycles between Failures) is no less than 1 million times.

> Mechanical anti-tailing.

> Automatically closes barriers when no one enters the turnstile after the specified time.

> Supports configuring the passing time for people.

> Restores the system settings to their default values.

> Memorizes passing data for entry and exit.

> Features 9 modes for entry and exit including controlled, prohibited, and free. Combine these modes for more options.

> Supports being connected to multiple types of modules such as face, fingerprint and QR code. Combine these modules for more options.